“One for all and all for one!” From this French motto by Alexandre Dumas a new idea for a new Venicemarathon event in the “Covid 19” time was born!

One athlete for the male category and one athlete for the female category will be drawn among all registered athletes and they will have the opportunity to run for all athletes on Sunday, October 25 along the original Venicemarathon race course, from Villa Pisani (Stra) to Riva Sette Martiri (Venice). They will be accompanied by a pacer team and a coloured caravan that will assist them along the race course, guaranteeing their safety. A video troupe will broadcast the event on Venicemarathon web and social channels.


Here you can see the unique commemorative medal, designed by Milton Glaser, one of the most important graphic designers and illustrators of the contemporary era, who recently passed away.

The last creative work of Milton Glaser dedicated to Venicemarathon


He was the best graphic designer of the Contemporary Era, above all for his famous logo “I love New York”, but also for the posters designed for singers like Bob Dylan or Aretha Franklin. It is not a case that he lived in Woodstock, but he loved his New York. He studied in Italy and he created important projects for the city of Venice.

He was an all-round artist who gave us fundamental images: his coloured stained lion for the 1980 Biennale or his Campanile that go off like a rocket pushed by confettis for the 2000 Carnival edition.
For this important relationship with Venice, Milton agreed to realize the image that appear in the medal that celebrates this Venicemarathon edition.

Unfortunately the Maestro passed away on June 2020, giving us the joy and the responsability to manage this magnificent, last image that he realized.